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About Pennsylvania:

Pennsylvania is rich is history and lore. The Pennsylvania area was a disputed territory in the early 1600s among the Dutch, the Swedes, and the English. England acquired the region, in 1664, with the capture of York. In 1861, Pennsylvania was granted to William Penn, a Quaker, by King Charles II.
Philadelphia was the seat of the federal government almost continuously from 1776 to 1800. The Declaration of Independence was signed in Pennsylvania in 1776, and the U.S. Constitution was created there in 1787. Pennsylvania is the home of many famous landmarks including Valley Forge, Gettysburg, site of the pivotal battle of the Civil War, and Independence Hall the location of the famous Liberty Bell.
The nation’s first oil well was dug at Titusville in 1859, and the mining of iron ore and coal led to the development of the state’s steel industry. More recently, Pennsylvania’s industry has diversified, although the state still leads the country in the production of specialty steel. The service, retail trade, and manufacturing sectors provide the most jobs. Pennsylvania is a leader in the production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, food products, and electronic equipment.
Pennsylvania’s rich heritage draws billions of tourist dollars annually. Among the chief attractions are the Gettysburg National Military Park, Valley Forge National Historical Park, Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania Dutch region, the Eisenhower farm near Gettysburg, and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Pittsburgh holds the 2005 Super Bowl Championship.

A Few facts about Pennsylvania:

• The population of Pennsylvania is 12,406,292 people.
• Land size, 44,617 square miles.
• Persons per square mile is 274
• 5.9% are kids under the age of 5 years old.
• 23.8% persons under the age of 18 years old.
• 15.6% of people are over the age of 65 years old.
• 51.7% female persons.
• The median household income is $40,106.
• The average per capita money income is $20,880.

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